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Current Rates are £18 (single) or £25 (joint) per annum. Life membership £350 (single) or £500 (joint). Details of Corporate membership are available on request. All subscriptions are due on 1st February each year, and reminders are sent out beforehand. New members may pay an amount proportional to the number of months until the following February, i.e. £1.50 (single) or £2 (joint) per month remaining.

Method of Payment

We much prefer to receive subscriptions by Direct Debit, as it is simple, automatic and therefore highly economic for the Society and its members. This method allows us to ask your bank to pay us whatever the current subscription is. You will always be told of any increase before it takes place, and you can cancel the Direct Debit at any time. In the unlikley event of a Direct Debit being presented in error, you can obtain an immediate refund from your bank.

Gift Aid

If you pay income tax in the UK you may wish to complete a Gift Aid form. This enables the Society to reclaim from the Inland Revenue the tax already paid on your subscription, thus providing a financial benefit to us without any cost to you.

Applying for Membership

Please complete the Application Form, and the Direct Debit instruction and Gift Aid Form if you wish, and return them together with your cheque for the current year (made payable to 'Franco-British Society') to the Executive Secretary at the Society's address shown on the Application Form.